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Can't access HTTP, Can access HTTPS--What's wrong here?

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Thanks. I'd considered that, but since this affects IE 7 and Google Chrome, it didn't seem to be browser-specific, so I didn't think moving to IE 8 would help. I'll look again at upgrading while Microsoft's Malware Removal tool is running, though.

We had to re-install Google Chrome last night because some core files were deleted or corrupted (according to Chrome). When we re-installed, it still couldn't access HTTP sites after 5 minutes. Don't know what screwed up Chrome, but CHKDSK scans have been clean.

Hartiq, there are no unnecessary apps, only 3 entries running on startup and no questionable services running. No offense taken by your suggestions, and I appreciate the horse/zebra analogy.

I've been removing malware and viruses for years, and while I'm pretty sure I know how to hunt them down and remove them, I certainly appreciate everyone's input here! I think this one just screwed up Windows.