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Can't access HTTP, Can access HTTPS--What's wrong here?

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HTTP won't start working again without a reboot.
I haven't tried as Guest, but I will.
Telnet didn't work once HTTP stopped working.
Fiddler give me a LOT of information, but just installing it didn't help. It's showing me what's happening when IE or Chrome can't access a Website, but not specifically why. I used it to "Clear WinINET" cache and cookies.
Fiddler also shows me Chrome is trying to connect to some randomly named hosts when it starts. I renamed/recreated the HOSTS file, rebooted, and Chrome still wants to connect to randomly named hosts that Fiddler can't resolve using DNS searches.
Unfortunately, since I've never used Fiddler before, I don't know if this is legitimate. It appears not, but I'm not sure.