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Can't get into my pc without installing windows xp, which I don't have key?

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so I'm going to make a few assumptions, you let me know whats right.

To get the XP install screen to come up, You have to have started the install process.
If you have started the install process then the installer has already overwritten the section of the HD that the Product information was stored in. This could make recovery more difficult. Assuming that you have no system back-up, restarting your computer into your old OS to retrieve the key may be impossible, as the data is lost. There is one other hope, but I will need to know a few things first.

What disk/cd did you use to do this, or was this a recovery partition?
Are you starting the computer with the cd still in it?
Does you computer have an authenticity sticker? *note Provided you are using the correct version of OS install disk or the recovery partition, this key should work.

What type of computer is this? Laptop/ Desktop? HP/Dell/????

All is not lost in any case,