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cant print from word or excell

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Hi Infinity,
This happens often in Vista and 7 when printer drivers get corrupted but is quite easy to fix.
Open an elevated command prompt (press start menu, type cmd, right click on cmd where it has appeared at the top of the list, click run as administrator). In the black window which has opened type "NET STOP SPOOLER" without the quotes and press enter. Leave the window open as you'll need it again in a minute.
You now need to get rid of the faulty drivers, however Windows will not let you delete them.
In the start menu type "C;\windows\system32\drivers\etc\spool\" (again without the quotes) and press enter. In the window that has appeared you'll find a number of folders. Create a new folder and name it (junk/crap/rubbish/trash or whatever takes your fancy). Drag all of the other folders (w32x86 etc) into the folder you have just created.
Go back to the black command window and type "NET START SPOOLER".
When you next try to print windows should re-install the printer drivers and your problem should have gone away. If it comes back though there are probably out of date xp drivers on the print server you are using.
Just to warn though, sometimes if you have pdf printing software, screenscraping software or similar tools installed, they may get trashed and require a re-install after doing this.

Hope this helps.