Can't raise functional level of DC

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Can't raise functional level of DC

I have a Server with 2003 Ent sp2. I have to rename the domain but need to raise it's functional level to 2003.

When I try and raise level of the Forest, I get: "The functional level cannot be raised, the directory is busy"

When I try to raise the domain, I get the same message.

I have rebooted the system and tried this with no clients logged on.

Any ideas?
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1.) Log in as Administrator
2.) In the Administrative Tools window, go to Active Directory Sites and Services,
3.) Expand Sites, expand Default-First-Site-Name, expand Servers, expand DC's, and then click NTDS Settings on each one of them.
4.) In the details pane, right-click the connection object listed, click Replicate Now, and then click OK.

This happened to me as well but this let me raise my forests functional level. Hope this helps.