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Can't record audio from front or back left/right audio channels - help :<

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It sure hasn't affected your brain.

Talking about ancient . . . my father was a Free French B-26 bomber pilot. (Killed during WWII) So, I'm certainly going on ancient :<

I'm running Ultra 6 and the compiled movie to DVD is doing some very strange things.

For instance I can take an hour long movie (assembled from various videos) and the resulting DVD sound is almost nil after the compilation. However, if you 'export' it to a file the sound is just fine.

If I copy a imported DVD from a folder or do a direct copy DVD to DVD the sound level works fine also.

I was about to try Ultra 7 but they insist on me removing Version 6 which because of the problems I'm having with 6 I don't want to repeat with 7.

I bought and downloaded 6 about 2 years ago and Nero had the audacity to say that to save space and download time the chm files weren't included.

Yea, sure - to this day they still haven't offered all the help files in chm format.

I've looked on forums, etc. for an answer to this problem with no luck.

I suspect it may have to do with the smart encoding although I turn it off and it doesn't help.

Nor can I find any 'settings' manual or otherwise to tell the program not to fool with the 'damn sound.


It's about to drive me crazier than I already am.

I was going to invite you for a 'pint' the next time I go to Bordeaux to see my brother.

But even landing in London or so still leaves me quite a piece from the 'highlands'.

Why do they call them the highlands? Looking at the elevation (Google Earth) I don't see any highland :)

Oh well. It's the thought that counted!

Thanks in advance.