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You will have to define what you mean by Cantenna. It loosely defines two different styles of antennas. There is the Pringle's can style and the Tomato can style. This link talks about both and the requirements you can use to build them.

You also did not mention what style of wireless network adapter you have, I am assuming that there are no normal coaxial connectors visible on the PC board. I would suggest not soldering any wires to the adapter until you are sure which wires are the ground and active element. Most pc card wireless network adapters have DIY antenna install instructions available, you may want to check the "net" to see if there is one available for your specific adapter.

I favor another option that I thought I might mention. I am not sure if you are allowed to use this approach, but I prefer to use a USB dongle wireless network adapter, installing it at the focal point in a tin can reflector. It removes the RF loss from coaxial cable and removes the issue of how to connect the leads. These links help explain the details.