CCNA / CCNP Certs / Hardware track

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CCNA / CCNP Certs / Hardware track

I'm looking at pursuing my CCNA / CCNP in the near future. I've been working for about a year on Catalyst 6500's and multiple cisco routers in an enterprise environment. But with that said all this gear has been specifically speced out to perform certain requierments.

I recently found a catalyst 5513 for rather cheap 13 slot chassis with 12 slot's utilized with many mod's i'm wondering if it's worth picking this up and continue to try to aquire all the components for cheap prices or if there is a better solution as in going with ciscokits that offer a complete package for a little steaper price?

What is the base line that i should be looking at spending to be able to faciliate all the labs fro both CCNA and CCNP? What Routers and Switches should i be using to achieve all of this and overall how many devices will i need?