Changing "Right Click" to open New Word 2007 Doc

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Changing "Right Click" to open New Word 2007 Doc

You know when you are in a folder and you want to create a new word doc quickly, so
you use the Right Click (on mouse) to go to:

-> NEW

-> Microsoft Office Word Document

It ALWAYS creates a new document that has the Font Calabri 11 (and its making me insane)

I have changed the NORMAL template (and saved, but didn't change name) to font: "Times New Roman" 12

I have changed the default font inside Word 5 different ways in an open word doc (and checked the "apply to all NEW documents? etc, nothing works.

It will still always right click open a new word doc with the Original Calabri 11 font.

When I open a new word doc from my shortcut or the start menu it opens with my defaults, but I just want the right click open to do the same.

Try it on your desktop, I am sure no matter what you do to the NORMAL Template or to the fonts inside an open word doc (make default etc) a New Doc opened with the Right click will always open as Calabri font

When I dug around to see what the right click new doc opens with as a template, it says it uses the NORMAL template (and it the only template on my computer), but I am 100% that I changed that Template, as when I use the Word Shortcut (I placed on my desktop) it opens a doc with Times New Roman 12 as the font default.

How can I change whatever template the right click new document is using?

Can I somehow get into the Right Click Mouse buttons/options and change how it loads?



I have same problem. No success