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VLC usually solves all problems, they simply have a superior player for most video and the codec pack handles just about anything. RAM may be used up with unnecessary processes too. Try going in an Ending EXPLORE.EXE, it will remove Explorer and all related processes. YOU can then either run your video by browsing and starting the new process or simply restart Explorer and see if it runs better. In most cases it will, because there are useless processes sucking up RAM and processor time.

If it works with Explorer shut down, or after restarting, you know you have some processes sucking memory. Reboot to load all of the start up junk again, then go to the process screen and look for what's using up RAM, kill it and see if it helps, then remove the process/program causing the slow down. usually stuff like auto update for Adobe and the likes suck up RAM, and of course if you are using the Internet's most UNresourceful AntiVirus programs, MacAffee or Norton, replace with AVG Free.