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cisco ios - delete files, but no squeeze command?

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Table 12: Type Platforms
Class A
Cisco 7000 family, C12000, LS1010

Class B
Cisco 1003, Cisco 1004, Cisco 1005, Cisco 2500 series, Cisco 3600 series, Cisco 4000 series, Cisco AS5200

Class C
Cisco MC3810, disk0 of SC3640

Flash Memory File System Types
Class A Flash File Systems
On Class A Flash file systems, you can delete individual files using the delete command and later recover these files with the undelete command. The delete command marks the files as "deleted," but the files still take up space in Flash memory. To permanently delete the files, use the squeeze command. The squeeze command removes all of the files marked "deleted" from the specified Flash memory device. These files can no longer be recovered. To erase all of the files on a Flash device, use the format command.