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Cisco Pix 506e firewall blocking Win07 from accessing a specific website?

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I reread your post. I'll throw a few more questions to you. So inside from xp is good, inside from win07 no good. Depending on how your network is configured, (i.e. your pix is between the 07 device and the site, or something else is in the mix), you can troubleshoot from there. That layout is important, and the config will help rule the pix in or out. You mentioned bypassing pix and switches, so there is some gray area in there as to where the issue lies. If your server lies in a dmz somewhere behind the pix or another device, you can dig there. Is the server internal, or external? I'd be curious to know if your xp and 07 pc's are in the same network, and if they are resolving an internal or external address (if you ping the server by name, what address do you get). cmiller mentioned netbios and wins which makes sense, but we do need a little more to go on. Sometimes, the dialog will help find the answer or places to look, which is even better than someone pointing it out.
So, a couple more questions to help sort this out.
server inside or outside, or dmz
if inside in dmz, where is that compared to pix?
07 and xp on same network and ip range?
dns working internally?
Have the xp machines been rebooted recently?
Name, ip or network change recently on server?
A ping from xp and 07 to name of server yields what address (inside or outside) even if this fails, this is good information to have. If you get an inside address on the xp and outside address on the 07, that is a clue.
Lastly, when you say from home it works, is that over a vpn or directly over the internet?