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Cisco Pix 506e firewall blocking Win07 from accessing a specific website?

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One obvious but sometimes also subtle difference is they come with different versions of browsers and at this point xp's is near EOL. If you are running IE8 on all that's one thing, but is that actually the case?

IE9 handles non fully qualified domain names differently than any of it's predecessors so that brings about some potential gotchas...

Some people will type my while others may be using just myportal ... Per ie9 it made no difference but in ie9 the string may actually convert to a bing/google search. You can turn off this setting of course.

But along those same lines... A programmer on your site could be referencing the non-FQDN explicitly in code too which is not advisable ... If they programmed images to load from simply myportal/foo.jpg for instance you can be in a situation where some parts of site work and not others... But in this example the issue would more relate to improper dns suffix completion vs the prior where it's the browser thinking what you typed is a search string (BUT... The reasons it revert to search string vs knowing it was an intranet site can relate to improper DNA suffix configuration).

Also does the site use Only http protocol or is it using any others? any Direct links to files? That may present other potential issues such as whether it is using smb vs smb2.

As a test i would uninstall ie9 from a win7 machine to go back to ie8 to eliminate that issue first and foremost...