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Cisco Pix 506e firewall blocking Win07 from accessing a specific website?

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The PIX is over 10 years old and has been rebooted many times but anything is possible.

This morning I set static IP address for a windows 07 box and set the DNS server addresses. I attempted to connect to the agency website with no success. I rebooted the computer and tried to connect to the agency website, again, with no success.

I must admit upfront I do not have a lot of experience dealing with DNS servers. So any information I may provide on this subject is not being provided with 100% confidence. When doing a ipconfig /all at a command prompt it show that the preferred DNS are ip addresses belonging to Comcast our internet & email provider. I called them one day to see if the issue could be on their side. The tech had me connect a windows 07 box directly to their Comcast gateway and see if it could connect to the website. I did and the computer was able to connect to the agency website. The Comcast tech indicated since it could connect to the website the issue is not due to comcast.

I have tried to connect to the agency website using Chrome and Foxfire with no success. Having said that on a couple occassions when attempting to connect to the website using Chrome once the initial opening failed the browser offers a "reload" option. When I've selected it the website would open. I've researched to see if it may be possible to load IE 8.0 on a windows 07 box and see if I could open the webite but I've not found info showing how to do that when IE v. 9.0 is OEM on the computer.

When trying to open the agency website I have tried both the url address and the ip address with both failing in IE9, Chrome and Firefox.