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Cisco Pix 506e firewall blocking Win07 from accessing a specific website?

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Your understanding of the network is correct with the webserver on the outside.

I've tried assigning a ip and DNS to the Windows 07 boxes and using an alternative DNS with the same results that the website cannot be opened.

I followed items 1 - 8 with no success, however after running ipconfig /dnsflush I used Chrome to attempt to open the agency's website once the ERR_TIMED_OUT error was shown, I immediately selected the "reload" option and the home page opened. I then clicked a link to another website page and it opened. When I then selected a pdf file link I received the ERR_TIMED_OUT error. I tried again to open the website in Chrome, got the same error, selected "reload" but this time it failed. I ran the ipconfig /dnsflush command again and tried to open the agency website in Chrome with the expectation of it failing but hoping that once select "reload' option it would open the agency website. It did not. It seems that the domain is not responding fast enough for the browser and time out is occurring.

My knowledge of the PIX is pretty much what I have learned trying to resolve this issue. I believe what I have previously posted is the complete PIX config. I obtain this information by starting a telnet session. "Open" using PIX IP address. I then enter password and then typed "enable" and typed password again. Finally, I used "sh config" to get to the config information. Is there another command that would show more config info?