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Cisco Pix 506e firewall blocking Win07 from accessing a specific website?

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I tried the access-group and access-list commands. We lost internet completely after i ran the commands. Due to my lack of expertise with the PIX I did not type the command in correctly. After some research I realized I fail to type our agency's interface name. I could not get the "no" access-list command to work to undo the damage I had created. I didn't know we had lost connection until I received a call from a user informing me that they could not access the internet. I remembered reading that changes made in the PIX are not automatically saved. I powered down the PIX and that reestablished our internet connection.

I ran the commands, again, using the correct acl-inside and the correct interface name. Still not able to connect to the agency's website. However, when the connection failed the Windows Network Diagnosis reported "Your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource (agency's webite name) is not responding. I've not gotten that before. The diagnosis does not offer any corrective action.