Cisco VPN Client Misery

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Cisco VPN Client Misery

After installing Cisco VPN Client 4.06.04 on an IBM 200 server running WindowsXP Media Center, I go to launch the app, it appears to start connecting, then the machine reboots. This happens every time. The connection is SBC DSL, and the firewall is F-Secure.

I'm running the same version of the software on my home computer with no issues under WindowsXP Pro, SP2, DSL connection with a static IP routed through a proxy server.

I've tried a similar software configuration on an IBM 600 laptop, with the same rebooting problem. Thinking it may be something hardware related, I loaded the VPN client on my Netfinity-4500R, running Windows 2000 Advanced Server - no issues.

Anyone ever see this problem? Any ideas to get it working?