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cleanly stop and restart explorer.exe

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I didn't think you were a kid (I didn't intend the word 'homework' literally - I used it to mean 'research that needs to be done'). I did, though, find your question to be ambiguous and unclear, and your current idea of producing a new batch file with a hard-coded path for each program is not the sort of thing a seasoned pro like yourself would do. You could have saved both our time by mentioning the fact that you have already tried ProcessKill and stating why it wasn't suitable for your needs.

You still haven't clarified exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. What is wrong with one of my suggestions of passing in the path as a command line paramater? Why doesn't that meet your need? And what about the idea of calling taskkill from your language of choice? If that doesn't solve your problem, then explain to us why not. If you can't clearly elicit your requirements, how on earth are we supposed to provide answers that are to your satisfaction? Until the human race perfects mind-reading, we have to rely on clear and concise communication.

I do apologise that the free advice I spent my time providing was not acceptable to Your Worship. I wish you the best of luck in finding someone else that will waste their time trying to help you for the privilege of being called a jerk.