Clearing the cache of swf file (Action Script)

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Clearing the cache of swf file (Action Script)

Hello friends,
i am stuck with a serious case. I am developing a web site and it contains an animation. It is creating a graph and it is loading with values from a xml files. The values are not static. It is changing time to time. So the thing is after that animation loads, it is creating a cache in the user's machine. That is really damaging the stuff i am doing. Every time it is loading from the cache. So the graph seems static. . It is working when the browser sets to clear cache whenever the page loads. but we cant assist users to do that. Its not real application i need. I have a AS code. but it doesn't seems working.

loadVariablesNum("filename.xml?noCache=" + Math.floor(random(1000000) / random(1000)), 0);

but this seems not working.
Can anyone help me to solve this? that would be great guys. :)