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Comp keeps shutting down

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Thanks Clendanielc. I didn't have alot of time to work on the machine over the holidays, but I did manage to get it fixed. Here's what happened just in case anybody else runs into a similar problem. I downloaded and installed PC Wizard, (it's a handy bit of software) and then I attempted to convert a video and I watched closely. it showed no major rise in the temp or overload on the RAM but the comp just shut off, no reboot , no b.o.s.d. just turned off. I asked a buddy of mine who builds black boxes(custom pc's) for any suggestions and he told me that these older AMD quad-cores are known to have issues with OS changes and with overclocking, I figured that might be the problem with mine because I recently upgraded from WinXp to Win 7 64-bit and I knew that it was indeed overclocked. I decided to try it with all the BIOS settings on default and when I went into the comps BIOS i noticed that it was 3 years old so I took a chance and updated the BIOS and made sure that it was set to optimal defaults before testing the machine and it is working great. I converted 43 videos with no shut down and I've been using it a little over a week now with no other problems. Thanks to everybody for the help and suggestions.