Computer is being hacked aol told me

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Computer is being hacked aol told me

1ST how do i find out is my computer being hacked? How can I protect my computer from beibg hacked? Aol sail someone hacked my computer and they just advised me to continue to keep changing my passwords and I change them pretty frequently anyways. Can someone help me wit trying to get these bleep bleeped to stop hacking in my computer and let me know what I can do to protect my computer and my info from being exposed?



What specifically did AOL tell you?

Your AOL email account was hacked?

This does not mean for sure that your computer was hacked, as somebody could have guessed or obtained your password.

Do you use webmail or an email application to get your email?

Did AOL by any chance send you an email with a link in the email to change your password? (if that is the case that email did not come from AOL)