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Computer removal in AD

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Thank you to all who have replied.

I know it seems like a crazy amount of extra work to do it like I suggested.. But as it stands right now, none of the computers are in specific OUs, except for the default Computers OU.. The GP on that OU is mostly undefined, so even if I lost it, it would'nt be that big a deal.

The whole point of me wanting to clean it up, is to put them in specific OUs, and then apply different GPs to the new OUs. (How it should be)

There are about 50 computers here, but like 200 computer names in AD. There are no remote users, and I wouldnt remove any of the critical systems since I know the computer names and they are still active.

I am not saying I think they will rejoin the OUs they are in now, and re-apply GP permissions once I turn the computers back on.

I am just trying for a clean slate as far as OUs and computer names in AD.