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Computer removal in AD

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The Scummy One

a FUN support day :0 :^0

Re-Adding all of the computers to the domain afterwards. Nobody logging in, etc..

You are just RUINING the FUN that they will have :^0

Here it is more strict, we dont actually have the ability (not being in IT) to re-add computers from the domain, and we have to add our own to it (through a utility website). So, we need to go to the website, create a name and wait for verification that it added, rename the computer, reboot, log in as an admin (don forget to find out the admin PW first :0 ), and add the computer with our login info, and reboot again.
then we can log in to the computer with our account, and run a utility to auto-change the admin PW again.
What a hassle, especially on a slow system on a slow as he** network