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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Deadly Ernest

1. The picture labelled 'Filter Box' - the white plug at the top doesn't seem to be fully seated. in the image the left hand side looks to be deeper in, as if the plug is on a slight angle. not sure if this will have much of an affect or not.

2. The boxes are too close together, move them as far apart as you can on that stand. There appears to be some space between them and the uprights, well push them apart and right up against the uprights. That will maximise the ventilation around them, thus the cooling effect of the air while reducing the risk of electro magnetic interference between the two systems.

3. The wiring, try to separate the data wires from the power wires, even if it means using some cable ties to run them in channels a few finger widths apart. this will minimise the risk of electromagnetic interference between the two as well. The power cables have a stronger and larger field around them to the rest and if close enough to the data cables, it can cause some troubles.

4. Check the cables for fine breaks in the wire within the cable. This can be done by carefully running the cable through your fingers while looking at it closely. Some breaks can occur in the copper inside without having a break in the covering plastic.

5. Apart from this an what the others have said, watch out for free radical electrons staging a revolution.