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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Do you have a wood floor, or concrete? It really does not matter, all floor types will flex and move. I would remove all peripherals to the machine, and move all other electrical items- computers, TV's - etc..away. BUT do not move your computer with the 'ghosts' in it at-all if you can. Do the 'mystery' walk again, (everyone has seen a TV picture flicker/fade out when someone walks near it before because of static or body galvanization) with only your machine on. If it does the 'voodoo' again, I bet you have some problem with the mother board. But before taking the machine apart, check the connection of all your cabling used to attach all your printers, USB, monitor's , etc., into the back of the computer. Had a bent serial plug pin one time that drove me nuts... If that problem goes away when the peripherals un-attached, start adding them one by one to see if the problem returns with one of them. I you can, check your BIO's on start up.The fact it is reboot, not rebooting problem, it could be the wiring in the wall, or plugs, sockets, and such, ---plug it in to a different plug socket, with a good ground, some where else- out of the room- you are using the machine in. I just fixed my brother's house where a plug was bad, and badly installed 18 years ago, and his stove would come and go. Check for blue tooth items- in other words, eliminate all that you can, add them back in, and do the one by one test. If all else fails, take the computer to a pre-build state- in other words take it and 're-build it' all over again- One of my favorite test's to do also, is to give the wires and components the 'finger flick'...Take your middle finger, and 'flick' it on the offending device, wires, cords and all. You know the finger I am referring too...a little tap will do you at times...