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Awahili Guni

First of all - you did not indicate what OS System you were operating in; if it was a x86 (32 bit); for it is a known issue in some cases that Windows Update had installed WOW64 (which is for 64 bit OS. I have been in rapport with Microsoft Team and we have seen this but not until I had found out why and then bringing forth the manifestation and resolution to them. However, there is another indication of the fact; what specifically is your graphic card are you running on? I am on the latest nVidia with its own slot and I recommend folks to have their own PCI cards - each having their own memory in reserved for their own purposes. Without the sufficient information provided; I am not able to elaborate in specs to narrow down to the field of scope of what causes it might be. If your security system is working and you had ran it; I strongly recommend to download (you can uninstall it after you are done with it) Malwarebytes just to be on the safe side; for so many viruses, trojans, and worms are out there including variants and mutants can also be a trigger where it can actually disable and "hide" in your own security system (I actually have 4 - Win 7 Firewall, Extension Firewall, MSC (or aka MSE), CA Security Plus). Having experienced the same issue yet with a brand new mainboard and everything else et al. While the above poster is correct pertaining to possibilities of Wi-Fi, but if yours is disabled; then check with your DNS/IP Provider or Host Provider if you run on a Modem/WideBand/HDMI - sometimes hacks can manage to creep into those equipments and leech into those and manipulate your OS via the modems (for indeed they are a computer itself) so this is another avenue to look into if your OS is coming up clear regardless of what OS computer one is using Win, Mac, et al - even a Server ... sometimes it can be the "middle man" that is infested that is actually leeching or breech into your OS via your own DNS/IP via a hack which is why nothing may not necessarily show up or manifest anywhere in your OS from registry to what-not. So if all else comes up clear - check the modem, but I also agree with everyone - computers needs to "breathe" for even my OS has a powerful fan - in fact I have installed 4 fans not just the Master fan itself. In addition to the 'overclocking', one can actually do this configuration in the BIOS (if you know what you are doing) and put the limitations on it; for you do not want to want to end up having a "southern fried crispy motherboard" (or mainboard); in addition whatever graphic card you have, regardless it is, make sure it is up-to-date per your graphic card; and do not be tempted to leave it running on 'overclocking' all the time for it brings wear and tear on the graphic card itself, even if the manufacturer says wise and otherwise; it is not necessary. For why would one want to run their OS on overclocking on a forum? Turn it off when you are not using it or in development. Just my own humble opinion here. For those on 64 bit OS - there have been complaints on the overclocking and freezing up or locking up which in turn they have to reboot or the OS reboots itself. Whether x86 or 32 bit or 64 bit OS - if everything is cleared and good as go, and it is the overclocking, then I would strongly recommend that you are pushing it too far; turn it down a little bit. Honestly, like with "muscle cars" of old days, the temptations of revving up the engines and pedal to the metal constantly including burning up the rubber (tires), would always end up with overheated radiators to burnt valves ... think about it for it is a fact there. One can't truly keep running at that pace all the time as tempting as it is, whether if you have 500 GB or 1 TB in your graphic card if you installed it; however this is not the case for those with OS that comes with built-in graphic card pre-installed; that's a different story ... Hope everything here sums it up as blunt as possible.... (getting off the soap box)