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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Carpet has nap that lays down in one direction, and stands up in the other (when pushed against). You are causing more static in one direction than the other, when you walk.You are prob. generating static that is causing a reboot. You strip is not of high quality at this point, as you stated it corrected some harsh problem before. It is prob. at the end of its useful life. They do not last for ever. Buy a good one or a good ups. Your pics of the rack show it is not isolated from the carpet. Put some wood under those wheels, (an extra shelf that is not needed would work). Verify your ground is actually working, (testers are about $6.00). It only takes 10 volts to cause a video card or mother board to fail, or cause an upset failure (works but not like it should). If you were to hear static snap that would be 1500 volts. So you can image what just walking by would cause.