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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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I'm certain of that from everything you've said and the pictures. Someone else mentioned bulging capacitors. If a capacitor is burst or leaking, strong ESD can overload the capacitor (remember, it stores electricity) and produce exactly the results you're getting. Moving right to left from that bed on a carpet is producing a very strong charge. The PC may be well grounded but you're carrying that charge through the air and it is going to look for the path of least resistance (any exposed metal). There may be other things going on, but that issue needs to be ruled out, period.

Did you check the capacitors? Can you disconnect the entire PC and connect it somewhere else and see if the problem still exists? If it goes away, the problem is ESD. If it still exists and your capacitors are OK, the problem is hardware or cable related. Swap the cables with the other PC to rule that out.