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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Have you tried putting it in your microwave? If you haven't you should, Once it's all cooked good, you should go to and buy another PC. Either that or Re-install you OS and see what happens.

Take it apart. Take every piece of your computer apart, then put it back together. Make sure everythign fits good. Make sure you have you RAM in the correct positions.

Would it be possible to get an entire hardware list of your system and installed OS version.

The BIG Question I didn't see anyone ask ( I may be wrong there were a few wall of text posts i skimmed), What Changed? Obviously it wasn't like this from day 1? New hardware - you mentioned you installed a USB hub, did it hagve a driver that faults when under powered by a board causing a short in a wire?

Maybe just maybe if you have another computer around, change out that computer with this one for testing purposes. Does it Restart when you walk by it?

If no then we can rule out a power supply issue, I think the gremlins would have given up by now also.

OK, saying it doesn't restart after moving you 2nd machine into the same location of this machine does moving the faulting machine to another location solve the issue?

Saying NO, it still has the same issue in another location, lets try changing some components. Take the faulty machine and throw it out your window ( Not really) get your good machine and thiis one change out each component one at a time. Start the system and Test.
Yes this is a lot of run around work to find a solution but seeing that there is such an a large amount of replies it's time for some real troubleshooting. That right fix's all issues LOL JK.

Change out you hardwarte with the unit in question with known good. If you have changed out every pice of hardware except the motherboard, then Try changint hat out too.
Still having the same issue? after changing out the hardware? 100%
Look in the case, is the board correctly grounded to it's case or did someone forget to put some spacers in it?
All the wires from case plugged into mainboard in correct locations as per diagrammed when you got the board?

Lets say it's all correctly grounded in the case, 100% of the hardware was changed out and even the HDD and OS were changed with all cables correctly connected. SO theres no External sensors built into you case such a IR ect?

Lets say No there's nothing special about this desktop. So whats that leave us with? Well if its not a internal issues with the desktop lets move external.

Cabling I know there were several people posting about it. So you moved your desktop and it still has the same issue. Well. Lets start Unplugging all the extra crap you have plugged in. Even that nifty surpe protector. Yes we are going to use the standard wall socket! "WHHAAA!" Thats right, plug 1 monitor in and the desktop into the wall. Nothing else. Plug just your monitor and PC in to eachother ( VGA I assume) - Do not plug you your Mouse Printer Portable Cellphoen charger or keybaaord into your computer at this point. Then Walk by it.
Still rebooting?
Ok so its not a mouse or keyboard issue, GREAT - Well i figured it wasn't but couldn't hurt to test. Also you were able to test if the system was getting under powered or Circuit overloading.

So lets say it is still doing it, you have friends right? Well lets say you do, take the PC to their house with your monitor and keyboard and mouse. Thats right box it all up.

Say you arrive at their house, Install your PC at their house, walk by it, does it still reboot? This will test is the wifi signal theory someone suggested was causing an issue. ( That is assume your friend doesn't live next door or near a super mall of wifi's)

Lets say the issue still happens, you even hooked it up on his kitchen counter so that it's not touching the floor and is correctly grounded. You even left your gremlin at your house. Hum, at this point it';s looking fairly strange...

So lets take another approach, take all your hardware out and out it in your other computer case, YES Change cases. We probably could have done this sooner but I didnt think of it till now. Luckily you can arrange these in any order you want.

So we changed out the hardware into your other case and the issue still happens, well at this point we just ruled out the case, all the hardware all the software independently. SO Something much be conflicting with each other. Time to look into compatibility. Lets check each piece of hardware. You had mentioned you video card had some trouble seeting correctly. well lets swap it out and test with one that is approved.

Do the same for each hardware.

So you issue still persists. I believe you have gained super powers to restart your PC by walking in-front of it, a task I could only hope to achieve as my users forget to restart their computers before they call me. That or there's something wrong as I ran out of IF-Then statements. :)