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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Place the computer on its side and then restart it and then do a walk past it and see if reboots by itself. If it does not then something is loose.
Other than that i will say your computer is asking for for your help the only way it knows how by rebooting to grab your attention.
Very weird situation you have. I have not heard or seen this happen before, only beeps to say either the video card is not slotted in properly or missing memory. Take it apart completely and give everything a good clean including your processor and heatsink, i do this every six months with every one of my computers (five altogether). It takes me about four to five hours on each one then i do a test to find out if i missed anything out. Your issue is very weird, i would put it in the town museum for being the only computer with a ghost attacted to it. :)
Hope you find out what is causing the issue.