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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Computers are so much fun when they do something weird until it is absolutely irritating. I have read for the most part the conversation and find that some people don't read the previous posts :). I Thought many of the similar considerations and if indeed this machine is still acting consistently in this manner; there is one other thing I have not seen mentioned yet.

I could indeed have missed this but what got me thinking of this possibility is that someone mentioned electric contacts like in stereos, we have such a stereo if plugged in it will mysteriously come on. This problem is dusty contacts in the (drum roll) POWER SWITCH. It may indeed that with all the reasonable solutions which I would have thought too; that the real culprit here is possibly the simple power switch at the front of your machine. Changing the way it lays may possibly shift the minuet weight of the switch to 'solve' the problem for now; and yet the problem may still exist tho dormant for now.

Given what sounds like so minor rough treatment of the machine, there may be wear or dust inside the power switch that the slightly different motion is just enough to activate 'the ghost'. This is also evidenced by that while you are not walking by it works normally; maybe even have someone else walk by while YOU are sitting at the machine as you normally would; have them walk the 'offending' path.

Possible solution: Replace the power switch.

Let me know. I am eager to know the final solution.