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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Awahili Guni

I would like for you to try this: click on Start - Run (or if you have the Search feature, you can use that) - type in this word: command - and it will come up. Now right click on the command prompt; "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" - the Command Prompt box will pop up, and I want you to type in or just copy and paste (or cut and paste): sfc/scannow

This way your computer will automatically scan without having you to be offline or anything to do this and repair any damage and/or corrupted files and/or duplicated files and even fix registry keys or duplication or replication, et al.

Since from reading everything above; NOTE: This scan may take time the first time you run this but do not turn your computer off while it runs the first time - it will work on XP, VISTA and 7. (Everyone, if you didn't know this, you might want to make a note of that; it comes in handy! Trust me! Doing this without having to roll-back or anything is absolutely wonderful, even more so if you're on Win 7)

After the Scan is completed - the log files is found in C Drive in LOGS in CBS - you will need to run under Administrator to view it (the report that is); if everything is cleared - it will indicate that everything is cleared. If there were errors, it will indicate that it was logged --> Just so that you would know in advance.