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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Today it let me walk passed it, but died when i vacuum in front of it. lost display and hung. picture went out, audio stopped, but the computer appeared to still be running, at least the lights were still on, it was just dead?

So I decided, since I am cleaning anyways, lets rip this thing out and have a look.

it is almost perfectly clean, a tiny bit of dust near the back of the case where the CPu fan blows passed.
None of the caps appear to be bulging.
Everything appears to be plugged in tight, I took out my RAM and examined it. It is 3 chips of 3 different makes, 1 of them is slower than the other two.
Its spring now, so humidity is back up.
This latest [breakdown] was with the front door closed.
No funny smells in the case.

Using a flash light, I looked into the power supply, I see nothing obvious.
The temperatures at the time of freezup (I had speedfan open checking portable drive SMART data) 45 CPU 38 GPU, HDD1 was at 25C, HDD2 was at 28C.