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Deadly Ernest

As a general rule it doesn't hurt anything to have the power cables near each other as they aren't carrying any signals that can be interfered with. The Electromagnetic field will only set up an echo current, as the worst possible damage - ie a current when that cable is not powered up. The power boards will also have an electromagnetic field around them, and these should also be separated or shielded from the data cables and the electronic components.

In most cases a few finger widths is all that's needed as the field is weak, but electronics are touchy things and you can never know for sure, as some components are more susceptible to interference than others.

In most cases PC's have their PSU at the top of the case and the motherboard is four or five inches lower down, thus a power board on the top of the case shouldn't affect the motherboard, but may affect a hard drive that's set right at the top of the case.

A basic home made shield can be a couple of sheets of rubber, say some old thick rubber mouse pads, with a sheet of aluminium foil between them and the foil earthed to the steel frame on the shelf above the computer. If it is a EM force field issue from the power boards, that should redirect it away from the PC and protect the PC. But you really shouldn't need to go to this extreme due to the note above re psu location.