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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Some good suggestions.
The machine did live in a different spot for awhile, it wasn't restarting but to be fair, I had little reason to walk in front of it :). It used to be located behind the big screen TV just out of site.
It is a 550 Watt Antec, about 3 years old, so it should have more than enough juice I would think. The other computer has a 120Watt PSU, so that's not gonna work . Where I used to live, had pretty dirty power, so I am not ruling out the power supply yet. I plan to buy one of these :)

Come to think of it, the newest hardware in it is a new DVD recorder, I could try unplugging that, I am not presently using it anyways. I have 2 DVD drives anyways.

Tightening the mother board screws, good idea, it HAS moved around a lot in the last half year. Its a real pain to move that computer off that stand, so I am lining up tasks I plan to do while its out, I'll add that to the list.

I don't see how it could really flex though. The metal shelving is in solid metal baskets, and the tower sites on a wood base with plastic legs and rubber feet, you can wiggle the tower a touch, but flexing it? Wiggling it a bit doesn't seem to bother it, not that I get violent with it.

I could disconnect the floppy drive too, its useless these days.

I forgot to change the power strip last night, if I remember I will do it tonight.

Thanks for the suggestions.