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Computer turning off and on, on its own....

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Ok, go over these 1 at a time...
Can't be OS cause it can reboot during POST.

I can give you a rough list, not by model number

AMD 4800+ Duel core
Asus board with nForce chips
nVidia 9600 GT
Antec 550 Watt PSU
Soundblaster Live 24Bit sound card + onboard sound, both are active and in use.
4 Seagate HDD's of different sizes
2 DVD drives, one reader only, one is reader/writer. Reader/writer is new.
Standard floppy drive.
RAID controller for extra IDE plugs.
It has 3gb of RAM (3 chips out of 4 slots)

The only significant changes I can see is that DVD drive. I intend to unplug it to test if it is the problem. I unplug that USB hub when I turn the computer off to prevent damage to the PSU from the low draw of electricity.

The computer sitting next to it is not restarting when I walk passed it.

Computer parts are expensive, even the cheapest pieces, if I need to buy new parts for the computer, every part to test it, why am I bothering, I'll have enough parts for another computer. Otherwise, I have no other computers that are within 13 years of that computers hardware.

The board has been in use for about 2 years before I moved, it is possible something got shuffled in the move, when I take it out to open it up and re-hook up my video cards HDMI audio cables, I will check that (Or when I get a new video card and power supply, whichever happens first)

Lord knows if they are all in the correct locations :). I was thinking recently, the HDD activity lights have been broken for ages, the wires to them are broken. The wires run to the door, and then inside the door. But right at the hinge, the wires are bent each time you close the door, resulting in them breaking. Could it be possible that my walking by sent just enough electricity down one of those lines to freak out the mother board and cause a restart? Could this explain why the problem seemed to stop happening when I closed that door?

Of course there are no IR sensors, would be pretty useless on a desktop, especially pointing forwards at a user.

Surge protector is gone, still had the problem.
I can try unplugging some devices, but do those devices even draw full power during POST?

My condo is only slightly bigger than my friends bedroom, no way in heck could he have room to try that, though it would be cool if we could :).

My gremlin always travels with me, he sits in my car and play swith the ABS and check engine lights.

My video card has no trouble "seeting" correctly, it seats perfectly. Randomly the computer will restart if you jiggle the video cables. This has happened for awhile now. Leads me to believe this is all related to some failure of the video card.

To restart a computer remotely, use the shutdown command with the appropriate switches.