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Computer will not maintain internet connection.

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Which I am...I would almost guarantee your router is on its last leg; assuming it is a consumer based home router. Usually when something magically stops working its a hardware issue - barring any ninja updates by Microsoft that managed to cripple your wireless card. Or real ninjas that have infiltrated your house and munged up your internet settings.

I would begin the trouble shooting process by resetting everything back the way it was before you had trouble and PLUGGING your computer directly to the internet link you have. In the event you have a separate modem device (Cable or DSL) this is easy. Plug it in, wait for DHCP to assign your IP and you are good to go. If you can't do this because your modem and router are one unit, then head to McDonalds...yes...McDonalds.

Order up a Big Mac and try to get on their free WiFi. By the time that first glob of special sauce lands on your shirt you will know if the problem is your laptop or not. If your laptop is able to connect then head home and call your ISP, because the problem is not anywhere on your laptop. (This is all assuming you were not able to get onto the internet directly, without your router, of course.)

However, if you have a spare router around, give it a try. Like I said before it's probably your router. The consumer based routers are pumped out by the zillions and they break FAR more often then they should. A year or so ago the Internet port went out on mine and I had spent $80 on it. It never moved from its spot, and I only had it for a year previous to that; it just decided to stop working one day.

Anyways, good luck to you. Let us know how it turns out!