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Computer won't boot from CD drive

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Is the CDROM on the second IDE interface?
If so it is possible the BIOS won't boot from it. I have worked on motherboards before that would only boot from the CDROM drive if it was connected to the primary IDE connector. If so you will need to move the CDROM to the same cable as the HDD. Make sure you set the HDD to master and the CDROM to SLAVE.

The HDD should be ide-0 and the CDROM should be ide-1. The secondary controller would IDE-2 and IDE-3.

With the HDD at IDE-0 removing IDE-0 from the boot list is only telling the bios to skipping the HDD as a boot device.

ONce you have both drives on the same cable and jumpered correctly you will still have to ensure the BIOS boot order has the CDROM first.