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Computer won't boot from CD drive

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I don't normally post like this cause I hate creating accounts all over the freaking place and unfortunately the original question poster from 6 years ago will probably never see this but I figured it will help someone else for sure.First let me start off by saying that I have been building computers for years and have never ran across this particular issue before.I had extra cables and drives lying around so I began experimenting.My drive is connected via sata and the original bios detection sees the drive and the drive works under windows xp management but when i go to the boot menu the drive is not there and if I let the computer boot up it just bypasses the drive and loads from the hard drive.I tried changing the sata cable,changing the sata port and even the drive itself with no luck.At this point I am scratching my head and contemplating flashing the bios when I decided to clear cmos and voila.I unplugged the computer and took out the battery for about 1 minute and then re-booted,set the clock and date and now I am installing windows 7.There must have been some setting in the bios preventing the cd drive from booting.Hope this helps you:)