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Computer won't boot from CD drive

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Look for and disable any Quick boot / Fast boot / Quiet boot settings
called by different names in different Mfg. BIOS versions

also look for any setting that might indicate enabling the display of BIOS / Setup entry Key & boot options menu key

eg. displaying
Press F1, F2 ... to enter setup
Press F9, F10, F12 ... for boot options menu
options use different keys in different BIOS / System Mfg.

when the BIOS Quick / Quiet / Fast boot is disabled
and when display Setup, Boot menu etc. keys is enabled
you get more time to respond to any prompt for changing how the system is starting up

quick / quiet / fast boot is usually the offender as the goal of that BIOS option is to get to the OS as quickly as possible thus you usually have only a fraction of a second to respond before BIOS passes control to the OS boot loader on the HDD
same goes for the enabling of the display of setup entry key / boot menu key etc.

even with the boot order set to CD/DVD first, some system BIOS are just really sensitive or stupid, (especially with fast boot enabled)
so if it doesn't find the boot info on the CD fast enough or on the first spin / read attempt,
it just moves along to the next device in the boot order