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Computer won't start, no action at all.

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OH Smeg

Not really unless you have another M'Board, CPU & RAM to test with. Even then if the PS is bad it may take out the test M'Board.

A XT power Supply has a Mains Voltage Power Switch on it. This is a Double Pole Single Throw Switch that has 4 wires going to it. ATX Power Supplies do not have a Mains Powered Switch.

If you need to source a XT power Supply somewhere try the Hardware Recyclers as the first option as they will guarantee everything that they sell but you may be out of luck as XT PS's are now considered as Obsolete and may no longer be available. You can try EBay but there is no guarantee that what you buy there is any better than what you currently have. Any Electronics Repairer should be able to repair a XT Power Supply and that may be your best option here but it will take time to do the repair. :)