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Computer won't start, no action at all.

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OH Smeg

Though i would be looking at the M'Board, CPU first but as I have PS's here I would have just swapped before doing anything else. Particularly if I had of been told that there was a power Issue of any type.

You can test a XT Power Supply for Voltage if you can use a Multi Meter and do it safely. If you allow the Probes to touch on the metal bits that will destroy a PS immediately but provided you are careful you can do a complete Test. Though you will need to remove the PS from the case and this involves pulling the front cover as well as the main cover and unplugging all the leads coming out of the PS.

Place it on a Bench/Table make sure that the Switch Contacts are covered and plug it in press the Power Switch to turn it on and then test the Yellow & Back Wires on a Power Plug for a HDD/CD. Do the same with the Red & Black Wires one should be 12 V DC this should be the yellow but maybe not depending on who made the PS the Wiring Color Codes may not be correct. The red and Black wires should have 5 V DC.

The M'Board Power Plugs is a 2 Plug 10 Pin arraignment and you can test for power here as well you should have 12 V 5 V and 1.5- 2.0 V DC present but you have to keep in mind this is only a static Voltage Check and in no way measures the available current so even if it passes this test and you don't kill the PS it may not actually work.