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Computer won't start, no action at all.

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He will probably lend me his, he is a hardware guy so I am sure he can install this too. I saw how it was done on a newer system (easy stuff) but I haven never seen it on an older system. Heck even getting it out of the case, I have no idea, I think I saw it riveted on. It has no power output rating on it either, which is rather concerning.

One thing of note, the system performace has been degredated for a good 2 years now. Mostly noticable in games. Where it used to get 30 - 40 FPS, it would now get 2 - 5 FPS, even with different video cards. I always figured the CPU was wearing out, but was told that a CPU wearing out was impossible, it would simply stop working. Is this true, does it shift the possiblities?