Conditional Formatting

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Conditional Formatting

I am trying to apply conditional formatting that if a project is past its deadline the cell shows red (got that part). My question is can I apply conditional formatting to make the same cell green if in the "progress" column for each respective project it shows "delivered". Thank you
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Create a second "condition".
Click on the add button along the bottom of the conditoinal formating dialogue.

condition #1
If cell is xx then red

condition #2
If cell is yy then green.

condition # 3
if cell is zz then yellow

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Yes, you can do that. All you need is a compound IF statement. You didn't say what it was that you're using to apply your conditional formatting, but here's the logic:

IF past the deadline
- APPLY red to appropriate cell
- IF delivered
-- APPLY green to appropriate cell and show delivered
- ELSE do nothing


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We need a little more information. Is this Excel or Microsoft Project 2007?

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I believe you can do this by adding more conditions?
I think you can add upto 3 conditions from the menu.
another way to do this would be from the VB editor and just add some code an example would be on a sheet change or update you could have:

example only,
Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal

Target As Range)
if range("B15).value > 1 then
Range(B16).Font.Color = vbRed
end if

End Sub

I use VB Editor all the time to sort these kind of queries but i'm used to it so its quicker for me

hope it helps