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Configuration of Cisco 851 router - please help!

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You do not have all the external IP you mentionned. Your IP are set as follows Network definition (Cannot be used) Your ISP router Your router Broadcast definition, (Cannot be used)

Therefore, you have one address and one address only, which is the .94

Second, you created 2 vlans but did not assign any of them to interfaces, making them, well, useless. You either configure the interfaces without the vlans or you create the vlans and then assign them to interfaces.

You need to create firewall rules (access-lists) in order to allow your users to browse and protect them at the same time. Remember that a Cisco router is not stateful, therefore you have to create rules for outgoing request AND incoming replies.

That's it for now. Only took a quick look.

OH, recreate your certificate and don't show it next time.