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configure SATA+ IDE+ IDE DVD writer

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Agree with previous entries. Simply:
1. Check IDE cable. Make sure it's an 80 wire cable.
2. Check jumpers on HD and DVD drive. Set to CS (cable select).
3. Plug HD into end connector and DVD drive into middle connector.
4. On boot, check BIOS that all drives are listed and set boot order. I usually put the CD/DVD drive as the 1st boot device. No CD/DVD disk in drive to boot from, it moves on to the next listed drive. Make the IDE HD your 2nd boot device. Some PC BIOS allows you to even include a flash drive as a boot device.

My only other thought is if you are still experiencing problems, and if you have 2 IDE ports, to plug the DVD drive into the 2nd IDE port. With both drives still jumpered to CS.