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configure SATA+ IDE+ IDE DVD writer

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thank you everyone for the reply.
I tried every suggestion but my problem could not solved.
1) My Cable is 80 Pin IDE cable
2) previously i set HD as Master and DVD writer as Slave. As per suggestion I set both to Cable select. Now My DVD writer is detected when PC start but not dislaying in BIOS and my IDE HD is also not detected in BIOS.
3) My cable is correctly set
4) both IDE HD and dvd writer both not detected in BIOS.
5) Unfortunately I have only one IDE port o Mobo.

Let me clear the situation.

My SATA disk has Win7 and my IDE hd has WinXP.
what is want to access my IDE hd and DVD writer within SATA disk as Master (Primary).
Kindly check my following points.
a)IF I use SATA without Jumper and IDE also without jumper then it works But not with DVD writer.
b) If I set IDE HD as master and DVD as slave then it work but without SATA disk.
3) SATA and DVD writer without jumper also work but No IDE HD..

what i want to access my IDE HD and DVD writer within SATA hd.

thanks for reading. waiting for you suggestions.