Configure Single DHCP pool on multiple switches

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Configure Single DHCP pool on multiple switches

am going to add another site to existing network, Additional site will eb conencted by means of MPLS. ethernet cable from MPLS router will connect to one of the switch

i will have 4 2960 switches there connected each other

Single VLAN

i want to configure these Switches as DHCP Servers

I am able to configure succesfully the DHCP pool by using ip dhcp pool command

My Question are:

DO i need to create DHCP pool on each swichtes?

Do i need to configure the same command on all swotches or i can configure one switch as DHCP and computer conencted to other switches will take the IP from this switch.

My objectives are:

The computers connected to all switches canget the IP address thorugh DHCP

Thx and Regards