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Consulting client issues?

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It seems like you fulfilled your part of the that you got their new printer working, got the photos to appear, found th eproblem with the phone etc. Just because the new printer "didn't fit" is not your problem. You performed a service and should get paid for it. Tech support is not a 5 minute fix, and they should be aware of that fact.

I've run into this with business clients before and have stood my ground until they paid. We both got over it and continued in a happy relationship once I explained the facts of life to them.

Start out by laying the're paid by the hour, you'll do your level best to fix their problem, but there is no guarantee you'll be able to fix it immediately as it may take a little time and research on your part. Charge them your regular rate for the actual hands on work you do (with a basic minimum charge like 2 hours or so to cover your mileage and so on), and a flat fee for finding answers (if you want to).

If all that doesn't work, part ways professionally and tell them you'll help them find someone else who may be able to help them.