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Consulting client issues?

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That sounds good, but to explain to a customer about "complexity" of an issue being resolved sounds harder than the current way I am doing things. Being most everything is complex to a customer, I would be hard pressed to explain why this appointment would be harder to fix than the next. Would you have deleted the other printer when the next printer wouldn't install off the bat? It definately wasn't the norm for a printer install. If it took me a few hours to figure it out, that's what it took to fix it IMO. I am paid by the hour to troubleshoot, had I run into the problem before, yes it would have been much quicker, but there are no guidelines for troubleshooting the thousands of devices that can be connected to a computer. If there were than it would take no time to troubleshoot every issue we face. If I had to agree to a price up front to install the printer, I would have under charged the customer. It's a catch 22 I guess. Thanks again for the reply.